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September 21, 2023
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Nepal Pashmina Industries Association (NPIA)

Post Box No. 21712
Tel: 00977-1-4254713
Fax: 00977-1-4257859
Email: npia@ntc.net.np
Web: pashminaassociation.org.np
General Infonation
If the payment received from the correspondent bank is not more than USD 500 less than the stipulated L/C amount, the bank can accept the payment with information to NRB. But if the discrepancy in payment is more than USD 500, the bank has to obtain prior permission of NRB to accept the payment. Partial shipment and part payments are allowable only as per the terms of L/C. While releasing payment to the exporter before realizing payments from the correspondent bank, the bank deducts some amount as interest. The interest rate may vary from bank to bank. For instance, one of the commercial banks is charging 12 days interest at 14%. Another commercial bank levies 15 days interest at 12% assuming that the payment will be received within 14-15 days. Most exports are on FOB Kathmandu Airport or Calcutta although a separate payment for freight is allowed subject to the submission of documentary evidence including quotation for freight rates.

Mode of Goods Delivery

Exports through Bangladesh.
All the documentation formalities as applicable to third country exports through Calcutta have to be completed at Nepal Border Customs and India Border Customs except the declaration to be made on relevant documents including CTD that the cargo is going to be routed through Bangladesh.
On arrival of goods at Bangladesh border, CA has to produce to Customs six copies of TDI with invoice and packing list. After completing necessary checking, the Border Customs endorses all copies of TDI, which are also subsequently endorsed by the carrier. The original copy is retained at the Border Customs, duplicate and triplicate copies are handed over in a sealed cover to the railway guard or truck driver to be delivered to the exit Customs and remaining three copies to CA.
On arrival of the cargo at the Port of exit, the Port Customs will compare the duplicate and triplicate copies of TDI received from the rail guard or truck driver with the three copies along with RR produced by CA and also check the seals on the rail wagon or truck. After necessary verification by the customs the goods are cleared for shipment and entries are made on all TDI copies. The quadruplicate copy is retained by the Port Customs for ultimate submission to the Customs House and triplicate copy is send back by registered post to the border entry Customs Office. The remaining three copies including duplicate are handed back to CA.
After necessary clearance by the Port Customs, the CA pays port dues and obtains port clearance before handing over the cargo to the Ship's agent inside the port.

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