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October 05, 2022
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Nepal Pashmina Industries Association (NPIA)

Post Box No. 21712
Tel: 00977-1-4254713
Fax: 00977-1-4257859
Email: npia@ntc.net.np
Web: pashminaassociation.org.np
Pashmina products:
Shawl, Stole , Scarf , Muffler , Blanket , Fabric Cloth & Sweater etc. are the popular products of Pashmina.
Muffler :
Nepal is very well known for its finely woven pashmina muffler. It is one of the most exportable products. Basically any ages of ladies are used it in large size. The people hang it from neck up to bellow knee. The westerns use it in any size. They match the color of muffler with their dress. They take muffler as fashion. The sizes are - Big size: 18"x72, 18"x80" and 18"x100", Medium size: 14"x60", 14"x72", 16"x72" and 16"x65", Mini size: 12"x72" and 12"x100". It is woven in single or double ply. Its weight ranges from 125-200 grams.
Pashmina blanket is also Nepal's one of the most exportable products. Pashmina blanket is an indigenous and unique product of Nepal. It covers the whole body. People use it in their household purpose. The blanket is of 2 types - they are adult and baby blanket. Generally baby blanket is popular among people because of its softness and lightness. The sizes of adult blanket are 52"x 80" or40"x60" while the size of baby blanket is 36"x40". The blanket is available in single or double ply. The weight for adult blanket ranges from 600-1000 grams where as the average weight of baby blanket is 140 grams. The patterns and colors are available as per the desire of the customers.
Fabric Cloth
Fabric cloth is used for tailoring purposes. It is plain in color and available in continuous length. It is also used as underlining cloth in coats, jackets, caps and gloves etc. It's woven as per customer's requirements. It is woven in single and double ply.